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In this paper, a new waist-trunk system has been proposed for a humanoid robot by using parallel architectures. The structure of human torso and its function have been used as inspirations for design purposes. The proposed waist-trunk system consists of a 3 legged UPS orientation parallel platform and a 6 legged UPS parallel platform which are connected(More)
In this paper, operation performance of CaPaMan2 bis (Cassino Parallel Manipulator2 bis) has been investigated through numerical simulations and lab experimental tests. A 3D (three dimension) virtual model has been built in MSC.ADAMS environment to simulate the operation behaviour for different prescribed motions. Milli-CaTraSys (Milli-Cassino Tracking(More)
Automating item picking in the e-commerce warehouse is pressing but challenging, due to a massive variety of items, tight environmental constraints and item location uncertainty. In this paper, we present an effective and efficient strategy-based planning approach to implement the robotic picking from shelves for e-commerce. Making full advantage of a(More)
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