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China is the world's leading producer of potatoes, growing 22% of all potatoes. Production continues to rise, owing to increases in both land devoted to potato production and yield per hectare. Most potato production occurs in the northern and southwest regions of the country. The processing of coarse starch is the most important component of the potato(More)
To solve the problem of over-reliance on a priori assumptions of the parametric methods for finite mixture models and the problem that monic Chebyshev orthogonal polynomials can only process the gray images, a segmentation method of mixture models of multivariate Chebyshev orthogonal polynomials for color image was proposed in this paper. First, the(More)
Wild potato contains about 100 species that are native to the Americas from the southwestern United States to central Chile and adjacent Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, and southern Brazil. We report the occurrence of naturalized populations of the wild potato Solanum chacoense in seven sites in southern Australia, eastern China, England, New Zealand, the(More)
This paper proposes the all-IP WSNs (wireless sensor networks) for real-time patient monitoring. In this paper, the all-IP WSN architecture based on gateway trees is proposed and the hierarchical address structure is presented. Based on this architecture, the all-IP WSN can perform routing without route discovery. Moreover, a mobile node is always(More)
An important but difficult problem of mixture model is estimating the number of components, k, by model selection criterion. We investigate the sum of weighted real and imaginary parts of all Log-Characteristic Functions (LCF) for Gaussian Mixture Model (GMM) and propose a new method to estimate k, adaptively. Our method defines the Sum of Weighted Real(More)
Domain adaptation methods show better ability to learn when the training data is not identically and independently distributed. The key task of domain adaptation is to find a suitable measure to scale the distributed difference between source domain and target domain. So a projected maximum divergence discrepancy distance measure is proposed. Based on the(More)