Congcong Jin

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In this study, three model integrated recirculating constructed wetlands (IRCWs) planted with and without Cyperus alternifolius were used to investigate their ability to remove four pesticides (chlorpyrifos, endosulfan, fenvalerate, diuron). Iron (Fe)-impregnated biochar produced by Cyperus alternifolius was added as a primary substrate. Results showed that(More)
For the registration of partially overlapping point clouds, this paper proposes an effective approach based on both the hard and soft assignments. Given two initially posed clouds, it firstly establishes the forward correspondence for each point in the data shape and calculates the value of binary variable, which can indicate whether this point(More)
Recently, the low rank and sparse (LRS) matrix decomposition has been introduced as an effective mean to solve the multi-view registration. However, this method presents two notable disadvantages: the registration result is quite sensitive to the sparsity of the LRS matrix; besides, the decomposition process treats each block element equally in spite of(More)
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