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[1] It is commonly believed that greenhouse-gas-induced global warming can weaken the east Asian winter monsoon but strengthen the summer monsoon, because of stronger warming over high-latitude land as compared to low-latitude oceans. In this study, we show that the surface wind speed associated with the east Asian monsoon has significantly weakened in both(More)
[1] We have applied a scalable and extensible geo-fluid model (SEGMENT) that considers soil mechanics, vegetation transpiration and root mechanical reinforcement, and hydrological processes to simulate two dimensional maps of the landslides occurrence following the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake. Modeled locations and areas generally agree with observations. The(More)
—Digital elevation model (DEM), as a useful data source for automatic delineation of flow paths, sub watersheds and flow networks for hydrologic modeling, watershed management and environmental assessment, has been much extensively utilized in the multiple-discipline studies. Variety of approaches to delineating flow networks, using different algorithms(More)
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