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  • Derderian-Aghajanian Ani, Cong Wang, Cong
  • 2012
Immigrant English Language Learners' (ELL's) differ according to culture, and therefore may face different challenges, stereotypes, etc. Chinese and Middle Eastern immigrant ELL's face challenges in the following main areas: linguistics, culture and academy. However, other factors such as stereotypes of immigrant students also challenge them in English(More)
3D-stacked DRAM has the potential to provide high performance and large capacity memory for future high performance computing systems and datacenters, and the integration of a dedicated logic die opens up opportunities for architectural enhancements such as DRAM row-buffer caches. However, high performance and cost-effective row-buffer cache designs remain(More)
We find capital expenditures, merger activity, and net financing all increase with aggregate CEO and consumer confidence. However, while CEO confidence positively predicts future return on assets, consumer confidence is negatively related to ROA and sales growth as well as future forecast revisions and earnings surprises. Our findings suggest that(More)
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