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With the introductions of the development and further applications of SDN network, this paper describes a new architecture based on the OpenFlow protocol which is consist of four virtual levels: the application layer, the virtual platform, the control layer and the physical layer. And by studying the features of SDN and the OpenFlow protocol, it makes a(More)
those of the MST and AHHK 1] constructions for nets of up to 17 pins using the same IC parameters. All delays in the table are calculated using the Two-Pole simulator. The AHHK algorithm of Alpert et al. is a recent cost-radius tradeoo construction which yields less tree cost (and signal delay) for given tree radius bounds than the method of 3]. Our results(More)
Medicinal plants are the nature s gift to human beings to make disease free healthy life. In India different extracts are used for the treatment of various diseases. Total 50% modern drugs are of natural products origin and as such these natural products play an important role in the drug development pharmaceutical industry. Use of plant as a source of(More)
Experimental results are shown in Tables 1 and 2. We compare tree length (TL), the sum total path length for all p i ! p j pairs (TPL), and tree diameter D. Also included are the maximum delay between any source-sink pair (MD) and the average of maximum delays for each source (AMD), averaged over all runs. Delays were measured from the input transition to(More)
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