Cong-xin Li

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A mathematical model is proposed to illustrate the activation of STIM1 (stromal interaction molecule 1) protein, the assembly and activation of calcium-release activated calcium (CRAC) channels in T cells. In combination with De Young-Keizer-Li-Rinzel model, we successfully reproduce a sustained Ca(2+) oscillation in cytoplasm. Our results reveal that(More)
Circadian KaiC phosphorylation in cyanobacteria reconstituted in vitro recently initiates a series of studies experimentally and theoretically to explore its mechanism. In this paper, we report a dynamic diversity in hexameric KaiC phosphoforms using a multi-layer reaction network based on the nonequivalence of the dual phosphorylation sites (S431 and T432)(More)
The LOM technology has been widely used in industry for design conceptualization, assembly verification and simulation. It makes possible that the manufacturer can develop a prototype directly from a CAD model in a short time, which significantly reduces the time of design and market [1]. The fabrication of accurate prototype in shorter time depends on the(More)
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