Cong-wei Zhong

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We describe a new tracking and predicting scheme applied to a lab-made ping pong robot. The robot has a monocular vision system comprised of a camera and a light. We propose an optimized strategy to calibrate the light center using the least square method. An ellipse fitting method is used to precisely locate the center of ball and shadow on the captured(More)
A varied weights (VW) method is proposed in this paper for the kinematic control of redundant manipulators with multiple constraints. A weight factor rule to reflect the transition of the state of constraint subtask between activeness and inactiveness is presented. Each constraint has a VW factor in such a way that every time only the main task and the(More)
This paper proposed a task function method for the point-to-point (PTP) control problem of non-redundant robot manipulators. A task function to compress the conventional task space to a new one with lower dimensions increases the redundancy degree so that the original manipulator becomes a redundant one, such that we can apply redundant control laws to(More)
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