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The brown planthopper (Nilaparvata lugens Stål; BPH) has become the most destructive insect pest in rice-producing areas. Finding, characterizing and pyramiding BPH resistance genes have become increasingly recognized as an efficient approach to cope with the frequent infestations by BPH. Introgression line IR02W101 is derived from the wild rice Oryza(More)
Brown planthopper (BPH) is the most devastating pest of rice. Host-plant resistance is the most desirable and economic strategy in the management of BPH. To date, 29 major BPH resistance genes have been identified from indica cultivars and wild rice species, and more than ten genes have been fine mapped to chromosome regions of less than 200 kb. Four genes(More)
  • Shengqiang Wang, Yu Huan, Zhongfeng Qiu, Deyong Sun, Hailong Zhang, Lufei Zheng +6 others
  • 2016
Suspended particles in waters play an important role in determination of optical properties and ocean color remote sensing. To link suspended particles to their optical properties and thereby remote sensing reflectance (R rs (λ)), cross-sectional area is a key factor. Till now, there is still a lack of methodologies for derivation of the particle(More)
Brown planthopper (BPH) is the most destructive pest of rice in Asia. To date 29 BPH resistance genes have been identified, but only a few genes are being used in breeding due to inefficient markers for marker-assisted selection (MAS) and little knowledge of the real effects of the genes. In this study we individually transferred 13 genes or QTLs (Bph14,(More)
BACKGROUND Infected nonunion of the humeral diaphysis is a challenging problem for orthopedic surgeons. This study aimed to evaluate the outcome of using a locking compression plate (LCP) as a definitive external fixator in the management of infected nonunion of the humeral diaphysis after failure of internal fixation. METHODS We retrospectively reviewed(More)
Multi-stage fracturing horizontal well currently has been proved to be the most effective method to produce shale gas. This method can activate the natural fractures system defined as stimulated reservoir volume (SRV), the remaining region similarly is defined as un-stimulated reservoir volume (USRV). At present, no type curves have been developed for(More)
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