Cong Wu

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A full description of the human proteome relies on the challenging task of detecting mature and changing forms of protein molecules in the body. Large-scale proteome analysis has routinely involved digesting intact proteins followed by inferred protein identification using mass spectrometry. This 'bottom-up' process affords a high number of identifications(More)
  • Zhi-Jian Ye, Ming-Li Yuan, Qiong Zhou, Rong-Hui Du, Wei-Bing Yang, Xian-Zhi Xiong +4 others
  • 2012
Newly discovered IL-9-producing CD4(+) helper T cells (Th9 cells) have been reported to contribute to tissue inflammation and immune responses, however, differentiation and immune regulation of Th9 cells in tuberculosis remain unknown. In the present study, our data showed that increased Th9 cells with the phenotype of effector memory cells were found to be(More)
A major hurdle for molecular mechanistic studies of many proteins is the lack of a general method for fluorescence labeling with high efficiency, specificity and speed. By incorporating an aldehyde motif genetically into a protein and improving the labeling kinetics substantially under mild conditions, we achieved fast, site-specific labeling of a protein(More)
BACKGROUND Both regulatory T cells (Tregs) and T helper IL-17-producing cells (Th17 cells) have been found to be involved in human malignancies, however, the possible implication of Tregs in regulating generation and differentiation of Th17 cells in malignant pleural effusion remains to be elucidated. METHODS The numbers of both CD39(+)Tregs and Th17(More)
We developed a method for restricted enzymatic proteolysis using the outer membrane protease T (OmpT) to produce large peptides (>6.3 kDa on average) for mass spectrometry-based proteomics. Using this approach to analyze prefractionated high-mass HeLa proteins, we identified 3,697 unique peptides from 1,038 proteins. We demonstrated the ability of large(More)
A total of 75 male mice were allotted to five groups of 15 each in a completely randomized experimental design to study the effects of probiotics, inorganic selenium, and selenium-enriched probiotics on male fertility in hyperlipidemic status. The mice in group 1 were fed a normal basal diet and served as negative control. The mice in group 2 were fed a(More)
Selenium (Se) is an essential trace element for humans and animals and is associated with many physiological functions. Previous studies have shown that low-Se diet may affect inflammatory cytokine productions and histology in the digestive system and that sulfide hydrogen (H2S) may contribute to the protection against tissue injury and the inhibition of(More)
In this study, we found the expression of Dachshund 1 (DACH1) is downregulated while peroxiredoxin 3 (PRX3) upregulated in both lung adenocarcinoma tissues and cells. Transfection of DACH1 can significantly downregulate PRX3 expression in targeting lung adenocarcinoma cells. Further experimental results demonstrated the evidence that overexpression of DACH1(More)