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Corporate Governance and Acquirer Returns
We examine whether corporate governance mechanisms, especially the market for corporate control, affect the profitability of firm acquisitions. We find that acquirers with more antitakeoverExpand
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Managerial Ownership of Debt and Accounting Conservatism *
We examine the relation between accounting conservatism and managerial ownership of debt in the form of deferred compensation and pension benefits. Consistent with debt holdings by managersExpand
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Overexpression of BUB 1 B contributes to progression of prostate cancer and predicts poor outcome in patients with prostate cancer
and incorporate the Creative Commons Attribution – Non Commercial (unported, v3.0) License (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/3.0/). By accessing the work you hereby accept the Terms.Expand
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An indicator system for evaluating the development of land-sea coordination systems: A case study of Lianyungang port
In this paper, we propose a novel approach to construct an indicator system to evaluate the development of a land-sea coordination system. Expand
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Recent advances in sensor fault diagnosis: A review
This paper provides a comprehensive review on the contemporary fault diagnosis techniques and helps researchers and practitioners to understand the current state of the art development in this emerging field. Expand
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The Granulation Building and Thinking of ICT-based Teaching Resources
Through focusing on the building of granulation resources, the essay analyzes online open course Recognition and Identification of Clothing Fabrics based on the granulation's connotation and feature, content, method and application of ICT-based teaching resources. Expand
A Review Selection Method for Finding an Informative Subset from Online Reviews
This paper models a new review selection problem called the Informative Review Subset Selection problem (namely, IRSS) and demonstrates that i... Expand
Evaluating the Effectiveness of Agricultural Adaptation to Climate Change in Pre-Industrial Society
The effectiveness of agricultural adaptation determines the vulnerability of this sector to climate change, particularly during the pre-industrial era. However, this effectiveness has rarely beenExpand
Listener’s vmPFC simulates speaker choices when reading between the lines
Humans possess a remarkable ability to understand what is and is not being said by conservational partners. An important class of models hypothesize that listeners decode the intended meaning of anExpand
Research on Ideological and Political Education System of Postgraduates under the Mode of Vertical and Horizontal Management
As the first responsible person of postgraduates in school, tutors play an irreplaceable role in the growth and development of postgraduates, and also play an important role in the formation ofExpand