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Now it is a trend to deploy the applications in the cloud computing environment. Most of scientific workflow (SWF) needs to process a large amount of data and requires parallel computing to reduce response time. SWF under grid computing environment have been already studied. As a business model, cloud computing is more scalable and cost-effective. In this(More)
Cluster analysis is a mathematical method that applied in various fields, such as biology, medicine, business and marketing. ISODATA algorithm is a Clustering algorithm that has been widely used. With the development of information technology, data set expanded dramatically which becomes a great challenge to the traditional algorithm. Parallel computing is(More)
The environmental test for medical electrical equipment may be interrupted by power cut or the equipment broken and so on. For the purpose of standard and valid testing, this paper puts forward a project about how to deal with the interrupted disposal of environmental test for medical electrical equipment. The project aims at the environmental requirements(More)
BACKGROUND The NDUFS4 gene encodes an 18-kD subunit of mitochondria complex I, and mutations in this gene lead to the development of a severe neurodegenerative disease called Leigh syndrome (LS) in humans. To investigate the disease phenotypes and molecular mechanisms of Leigh syndrome, the Ndufs4 knockout (KO) mouse has been widely used as a novel animal(More)
Use combination aeration membrane bioreactor for urban sewage processing, when influent COD<sub>Cr</sub>, BOD<sub>5</sub>, NH<sub>3</sub>-N concentration ranged:53.15~978.50 mg/L, 28.23~431.55 mg/L, 4.14~37.78 mg/L, when the hydraulic retention time (HRT) for 4 h, 6 h, 8 h, COD<sub>Cr</sub>, BOD<sub>5</sub> and NH<sub>3</sub>-N the average removal(More)