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Visual impairment is a leading cause of morbidity and poor quality of life in our community. Unravelling the mechanisms underpinning important blinding diseases could allow preventative or curative steps to be implemented. Twin siblings provide a unique opportunity in biology to discover genes associated with numerous eye diseases and ocular biometry. Twins(More)
—Research into the genetic effects and specific genes associated with retinal vascular caliber, a risk marker of cardiovascular diseases, may provide new insights into the genetic contribution of early microvascular disease. A combined 374 monozygotic and 536 dizygotic twin pairs and 322 siblings from the Twins Eye Study in Tasmania and the Brisbane(More)
We propose an approach on model checking information flow for imperative language with procedures. We characterize our model with pushdown system, which has a stack of unbounded length that naturally models the execution of procedural programs. Because the type-based static analysis is sometimes too conservative and rejects safe program as ill-typed, we(More)
—Language-based information flow security aims to decide whether an action-observable program can unintentionally leak confidential information if it has the authority to access confidential data. Recent concerns about declassification polices have provided many choices for practical intended information release, but more precise enforcement mechanism for(More)
—The ubiquity of the various cheap embedded sensors on mobile devices, for example cameras, microphones, accelerome-ters, and so on, is enabling the emergence of participatory sensing applications. While participatory sensing can benefit the individuals and communities greatly, the collection and analysis of the participators' location and trajectory data(More)
OBJECTIVE Depression has been linked with vascular risk factors and stroke. The authors examined the relationship between retinal microvascular abnormalities and depression symptoms in an elderly population. METHODS The Cardiovascular Health Study is a population-based study conducted in four U.S. communities initiated in 1989-1990. A total of 2,420(More)
Interactive/Reactive computational model is known to be proper abstraction of many pervasively used systems, such as client-side web-based applications. The critical task of information flow control mechanisms aims to determine whether the interactive program can guarantee the confidentiality of secret data. We propose an efficient and flow-sensitive static(More)
OBJECTIVE Previous longitudinal studies suggest that depression and anxiety are associated with risk for cardiovascular disease. The aim of the present study was to test whether an association between depression and anxiety symptoms and retinal vessel caliber, an indicator of subclinical cardiovascular risk, is apparent as early as adolescence and young(More)