Cong Sun

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—The ubiquity of the various cheap embedded sensors on mobile devices, for example cameras, microphones, accelerome-ters, and so on, is enabling the emergence of participatory sensing applications. While participatory sensing can benefit the individuals and communities greatly, the collection and analysis of the participators' location and trajectory data(More)
BACKGROUND The applications of ligand-polyethylene glycol (PEG)-modified nanocarriers have now emerged, as well as recognized strategies to provide the vectors with active targeting properties. In this research, premodification and postmodification were compared using the same ligand, ie, a novel conjugated mannan-containing PEG and(More)
—Language-based information flow security aims to decide whether an action-observable program can unintentionally leak confidential information if it has the authority to access confidential data. Recent concerns about declassification polices have provided many choices for practical intended information release, but more precise enforcement mechanism for(More)
A multiple-antenna amplify-and-forward two-hop interference network with multiple links and multiple relays is considered. We optimize transmit precoders, receive decoders and relay AF matrices to maximize the achievable sum rate. Under per user and total relay sum power constraints, we propose an efficient algorithm to maximize the total signal to total(More)
In this article, we investigate the interference alignment (IA) solution for a K-user MIMO interference channel. Proper users' precoders and decoders are designed through a desired signal power maximization model with IA conditions as constraints, which forms a complex matrix optimization problem. We propose two low complexity algorithms, both of which(More)
  • Anne-Louise Ponsonby, Cong Sun, Obioha C. Ukoumunne, Angela Pezic, Alison Venn, Jonathan E. Shaw +6 others
  • 2011
OBJECTIVE To investigate pedometer-measured physical activity (PA) in 2000 and change in PA over 5 years with subsequent risk of dysglycemia by 2005. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS This prospective cohort study in Tasmania, Australia, analyzed 458 adults with normal glucose tolerance and a mean (SD) age of 49.7 (12.1) years in 2000. Variables assessed in(More)