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MicroRNAs were recently found to participate in oncogenesis and growth of various tumors. We hypothesized that microRNA-223 (miR-223) plays a role in endometrial carcinoma growth. In this study, we transfected RL95-2 cells with lentivirus containing miR-223 precursor to establish a miR-223 over-expression model. Proliferation of the cells was greatly(More)
Inorganic non-metallic biomaterials, including the silicon frustule of a unicellular diatom, the carbonate shell of a mollusk and the calcium skeleton of the vertebrate, which are the main constituent part of an organism, serve as the supportive and protective components of soft tissue. Among them, hydroxyapatite, which primarily makes up the enamel and(More)
OBJECTIVE Our study is aimed to explore effects of five treatment regimens on blood loss and blood transfusion rate in total knee arthroplasty (TKA) patients. METHODS 191 TKA patients were divided into the rivaroxaban, nadroparin, and tranexamic acid groups (n = 37 each) as well as into the affected-limb-position and tourniquet group (n = 40 each). A(More)
This paper takes the lending rate as the output parameter of DEA and establishes the loan pricing model based on DEA by using the dichotomy to solve the corresponding output parameters under the optimal efficiency of DEA. Its specialties and innovations are as follows. Firstly, the corresponding output parameter of DEA, the lending rate, is determined when(More)
In this paper, Value at Risk of hedging portfolio is adopted to measure the risk of futures hedging. The control constraint based on risk tolerance of hedgers is established. The futures optimal hedge ratio is presented by maximizing the return of hedging portfolio under the control constraint. The contributions of the model are as follows: Firstly that we(More)
In the endometrium transforming growth factor-betas (TGF-βs) are involved mainly in menstruation and endometriosis. After binding of the ligands to the high-affinity receptors, TGF-β receptors (TBR1 and TBR2), TGF-βs activate Smad signaling to modulate gene expression and cellular functions. However, recently also Smad-independent pathways have been studied(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare the expression of P57 and Cyclin G1 in proliferation endometrium and early pregnancy decidua. METHODS Human endometrial samples were acquired from normal menstrual cycle women undergoing laparoscopy or hysterectomy for fallopian tubes problems. Decidua were acquired from women in early pregnancy who underwent artificial abortion(More)
MicroRNA (miRNA) regulates gene expression in a post-transcriptional manner, which hybridizes the target mRNAs with complementary sequence and subsequently leads to translation repression or mRNA degradation. Online sequence alignment showed that there is a putative binding site of miR-223-3p on the 3'UTR of LIF, which is considered to be an important(More)
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