Cong Qi

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Quercetin, a plant-derived flavonoid in Chinese herbs, fruits and wine, displays antioxidant properties in many pathological processes associated with oxidative stress. However, the effect of quercetin on the development of preimplantation embryos under oxidative stress is unclear. The present study sought to determine the protective effect and underlying(More)
In spite of the continuous increase in IT outsourcing activities globally, a significant percentage of outsourcing deals are considered either a failure or suffered from serious problems. In China where IT outsourcing practice is still at its initial stage, the situation is more serious. There lacks systematic guidance in terms of how to negotiate decent(More)
Ovarian cancer is the most frequent cause of cancer-related death among all gynecological cancers. Increasing evidence suggests that human ovarian cancer stem-like cells could be enriched under serum-free culture conditions. In the present study, SKOV3 ovarian epithelial cancer cells were cultured for sphere cells. Ursolic acid (UA) with triterpenoid(More)
OBJECTIVES To investigate the clinical effect of sequential therapeutic intervention Yupei Qisun [compensating for weakness by invigorating Kidney (Shen) and Spleen (Pi) in advance] in Chinese medicine (CM) and hysteroscopic endometrial mechanical stimulation on the treatment of infertile patients with repeated implantation failure (RIF); and to study the(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the anti-angiogenic effects and mechanisms of Zengmian Yiliu Granule (ZMYLG) on ovarian carcinoma xenograft. METHODS The SKOV3 ovarian carcinoma bearing mouse model was established. The tumor-bearing mice were randomly divided into the control group, the paclitaxel group, the high, medium, and low dose ZMYLG group, 8 in each(More)
CONTEXT Cisplatin is a highly effective chemotherapeutic agent against many tumors; however, it has potent adverse effects. Zengmian Yiliu granule (ZMYL), a traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) compound, has been clinically used against platinum (Pt)-induced toxicity and to enhance the efficacy of cisplatin. OBJECTIVE The study was conducted to investigate(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the clinical effects of Yupei Qisun Sequential Method (YQSM, by Shen supplementing and Pi invigorating) of Chinese medicine on correlated indices of repeated implantation failure patients in the fresh cycle. METHODS Sixty patients with more than three failure cycles of in virto fertilization and embryo transfer (IVF-ET) or(More)
Zengmian Yiliu (ZMYL), a traditional Chinese formula, is designed to improve clinical efficacy and reduce adverse effects in combination with cisplatin in ovarian cancer chemotherapy. In ZMYL, Radix Paeoniae Alba (RPA, made from root of Paeonia lactiflora Pall.) acts as an adjunctive drug in cancer treatment by ameliorating side effects induced by radio-(More)
BACKGROUND Cisplatin (CDDP) is a highly effective chemotherapeutic agent used for therapy of many tumors and has been limited by its toxicity. Zengmian Yiliu granule (ZMYL), a compound preparation of traditional Chinese medicines, has been used in clinic as a complementary and alternative medicine for attenuating CDDP-induced toxicities and enhancing the(More)