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In spite of the continuous increase in IT outsourcing activities globally, a significant percentage of outsourcing deals are considered either a failure or suffered from serious problems. In China where IT outsourcing practice is still at its initial stage, the situation is more serious. There lacks systematic guidance in terms of how to negotiate decent(More)
A lattice Boltzmann model is developed by coupling the density (D2Q9) and the temperature distribution functions with 9-speed to simulate the convection heat transfer utilizing Al2O3-water nanofluids in a square cavity. This model is validated by comparing numerical simulation and experimental results over a wide range of Rayleigh numbers. Numerical results(More)
Considering interaction forces (gravity and buoyancy force, drag force, interaction potential force, and Brownian force) between nanoparticles and a base fluid, a two-phase Lattice Boltzmann model for natural convection of nanofluid is developed in this work. It is applied to investigate the natural convection in a square enclosure (the left wall is kept at(More)
Based on theories from sociology and strategic management, this paper develops a conceptual model to understand how Enterprise Social Networking Systems usage will influence knowledge management processes (knowledge creation and knowledge sharing) and organizational learning. It further explores the possible mediating role of knowledge management processes(More)
Knowledge management (KM) has long been theorized as an important source of organizational competitive advantage. By developing dynamic capability of leveraging intellectual assets, an organization is expected to be able to innovatively respond to changing environment. However, the research streams of creativity and innovation on one hand and KM on the(More)
The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effect of interpersonal and inter-organizational trust in IT outsourcing success according to the mediating role of knowledge sharing in the credit Samen institute. Method in term of purpose is applied in term of nature is descriptive and survey and in term of branch is a field. The study sample consisted of 80(More)
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