Cong Hung Tran

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Wireless sensor network (WSN) is composed of a large number of sensor nodes densely deployed in inhospitable physical environments. Due to limitations of sensor nodes in terms of memory, energy and computational capacities, the most important issue for designing sensor network protocols is energy efficiency. Although energy efficiency is a major concern in(More)
The similarity between trajectory patterns in clustering has played an important role in discovering movement behaviour of different groups of mobile objects. Several approaches have been proposed to measure the similarity between sequences in trajectory data. Most of these measures are based on Euclidean space or on spatial network and some of them have(More)
Handover latency is the time interval during which a mobile node cannot send or receive any packets. How to improve the latency is one of the major problems in Mobile Internet Protocol version 6 (MIPv6). One of the solutions for reducing the handover latency that has attracted various research interests is to predict mobility of mobile node. Several(More)
WLANs are currently being considered for use in the context of a larger geographical area such as a city or a campus due to their convenience, cost efficiency, and ease of integration with other networks. Due to support large numbers of portable devices and their dynamic relocation, wide WLANs must face problems of location management and network resource(More)
Content-Centric Networking (CCN), a recent innovative architecture, has brought about a great number of challenges for researchers whose ambition is to design such network with highly advanced ability to respond quickly to increasing demands from users. This receiver-driven content paradigm creates a different perspective of network. In this paper, we(More)
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