Cong-Cong Zhang

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AIMS Toll-like receptor 2 (TLR2) is an important player in innate immunity, and recent studies have identified TLR2 as a critical mediator in cardiovascular diseases. Here, we investigated the involvement of TLR2 in angiotensin (Ang) II-induced cardiac fibrosis and the underlying mechanisms. METHODS AND RESULTS TLR2 knockout (TLR2 KO) mice(More)
In the title complex, [CdCl(2)(C(16)H(12)N(2)O(2))(2)], the Cd(II) ion exhibits site symmetry 2. It shows a distorted tetra-hedral coordination defined by two N atoms from symmetry-related 2-(2-fur-yl)-1-(2-furylmeth-yl)-1H-benzimidazole ligands and by two symmetry-related Cl atoms. Intra-molecular C-H⋯O hydrogen bonds stabilize the mol-ecular(More)
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