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We derive general conditions for 100% frequency conversion in any doubly resonant nonlinear cavity, for both second-and third-harmonic generation via χ (2) and χ (3) nonlinearities. We find that conversion efficiency is optimized for a certain " critical " power depending on the cavity parameters, and assuming reasonable parameters we predict 100%(More)
Recent research activity at ENEA, in the field of Condensed Matter Nuclear Science , has been oriented to material science and Laser triggering in order to increase the reproducibility of excess of power production during loading of palladium with deuterium. Isoperibolic calorimetry in gas phase, isoperibolic and flow calorimetry with electrochemical(More)
A novel method is presented for determining the group index, intensity enhancement and delay times for waveguide gratings, based on (Rayleigh) scattering observations. This far-field scattering microscopy (FScM) method is compared with the phase shift method and a method that uses the transmission spectrum to quantify the slow wave properties. We find a(More)
A nickel-hydride thin film was studied by the Attenuated Total Reflection (ATR) method. The differences between a " black " film and a pure nickel film " blank " behaviour are showed. The black Ni-hydride film has been obtained by a short electrolysis with 1 M Li 2 SO 4 electrolyte in light water. A shift in the minimum of the observed reflected light(More)
We discuss the linear dispersive properties of finite one-dimensional photonic band-gap structures. We introduce the concept of a complex effective index for structures of finite length, derived from a generalized dispersion equation that identically satisfies the Kramers-Kronig relations. We then address the conditions necessary for optimal, phase-matched,(More)
We have studied the dispersion relations of multilayers of silver and a dye-doped dielectric using four methods: standard effective-medium theory (EMT), nonlocal-effect-corrected EMT, nonlinear equations based on the eigenmode method, and a spatial harmonic analysis method. We compare the validity of these methods and show that metallic losses can be(More)
Extrinsic or pseudo-chiral (meta)surfaces have an achiral structure, yet they can give rise to circular dichroism when the experiment itself becomes chiral. Although these surfaces are known to yield differences in reflected and transmitted circularly polarized light, the exact mechanism of the interaction has never been directly demonstrated. Here we(More)
A joint effort performed by ENEA, SRI, Energetics Technologies, NRL and the University of Rome La Sapienza allowed to obtain a remarkable level of sheared reproducibility both in high loading of palladium with deuterium and in observing excess power production during calorimetric experiments. The excess heat was observed with a signal well above the(More)
Electrochemical experiments have been carried out in order to identify traces of nuclear processes occurring in condensed matter. The experimental activity was primarily designed to reduce the background element impurities by using ultra-pure cleaning procedures to eliminate contamination. The working conditions allowed to obtain a clear signal from the(More)
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