Concita Sibilia

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We discuss the linear dispersive properties of finite one-dimensional photonic band-gap structures. We introduce the concept of a complex effective index for structures of finite length, derived from a generalized dispersion equation that identically satisfies the Kramers-Kronig relations. We then address the conditions necessary for optimal, phase-matched,(More)
Second-order nonlinear optical materials are used to generate new frequencies by exploiting second-harmonic generation (SHG), a phenomenon where a nonlinear material generates light at double the optical frequency of the input beam. Maximum SHG is achieved when the pump and the generated waves are in phase, for example through birefringence in uniaxial(More)
Extrinsic or pseudo-chiral (meta)surfaces have an achiral structure, yet they can give rise to circular dichroism when the experiment itself becomes chiral. Although these surfaces are known to yield differences in reflected and transmitted circularly polarized light, the exact mechanism of the interaction has never been directly demonstrated. Here we(More)
  • Jacak J Aekbote Bl, Schütz Gj, +213 authors C Gergely
  • 2013
4. Buzás A Nanosecond laser-induced selective removal of the active layer of , Geretovszky Z CuInGaSe2 solar cells by stress-assisted ablation Anisotropic organization and microscopic manipulation of self-assembling synthetic porphyrin microrods that mimic chlorosomes: Bacterial light-harvesting systems Structure analysis of proteins, peptides and metal(More)
Controlled in situ preparation of Ab(1–42) oligomers from the isopeptide ''iso-Ab(1–42)'', physicochemical and biological characterization Optical chirality of bacteriorhodopsin films via second harmonic Maker's fringes measurements , Gergely C Atypical transcriptional regulation and role of a new toxin-antitoxin-like module and its effect on the lipid(More)
The effects of the coherence properties of light beams propagating through periodic structures are discussed. In particular, spatial coherence may influence the transmitted field. Some 2D structures which give transmittances strongly influenced by the coherence of the incoming field are discussed
We have developed a vectorial quantum model of spontaneous parametric down-conversion in one-dimensional nonlinear photonic-band-gap structures. According to the obtained results these structures represent a promising perspective source of entangled two-photon states. In particular, entangled two-photon states antisymmetric in frequencies can be generated.(More)
  • C. Sibilia
  • 2004
Summary form only given, as follows. Simple geometries, such as one-dimensional photonic crystals, exhibit a great number of interesting effects in the classical and quantum optical domains. An overview of recent results is presented. In particular a discussion on low noise light generation with non-classical, nonlinear interaction is presented.
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