Concha Colomer

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A prospective cohort study with a 1-year follow-up of 156 neonates was carried out specifically designed to test the hypothesis that there is a positive relationship between iron deficiency during pregnancy and the development of the same disease in newborn infants. Exposure was defined as being born of a mother with ferropenic anaemia at delivery, and(More)
BACKGROUND Although in the last 20 years, the WHO 'Health for All' principles have been widely used in national, regional and local health policy documents, there is still a gap in the literature regarding how to appraise or compare them, which weakens the social accountability process. METHODOLOGY A new, rapid approach to analyse the formulation of(More)
The aim of this paper is to investigate the distribution of smoking cessation during pregnancy in relation to sociodemographic and professional characteristics. The study population are, primiparous or secundiparous women who gave birth in a large public hospital in the city of Valencia (Spain) and who have carried out paid work during pregnancy. A sample(More)
BACKGROUND Over the course of the 1980s a public debate on abortion took place in Spain culminating in a more permissive social climate and, in 1985, the partial decriminalisation of abortion. Before this, women were forced to abort illegally or abroad in countries which had decriminalised abortions. The aim of this study is to present jointly the evolution(More)
BACKGROUND Inequalities in health have been internationally recognized as an important public health problem with a reduction of 25% being the first target of WHO--Europe for the year 2000. It is, therefore, important to describe and monitor the same. METHODS An ecological study was performed using secondary data from the statistics of mortality (years(More)
AIM To systematically examine gender sensitivity in the policies formulated in the health plans of the various Autonomous Communities in Spain in which these plans are available. We defined gender sensitivity as the extent to which the health plans took gender into account as a relation category and developed interventions to ameliorate gender-related(More)
OBJECTIVE To systematically examine sensitivity to socioeconomic (SE) inequalities in the policies formulated in the health plans of the Autonomous Communities of Spain. METHODS We performed a systematic review of 14 health plans. The introductory content of the health plans was called the "symbolic content" and was separated from specific interventions,(More)
The development of political responses to a problem needs for its construction as a social problem of a continuous epidemiological surveillance system available for the affected public and key decision makers. A women's health advocacy net based initiative was launched in November 2003. Every month the epidemic index of deaths (ratio of deaths in that month(More)
Social paediatrics is an approach to child health that focuses on the child, in illness and in health, within the context of their society, environment, school, and family. The glossary clarifies the range of terms used to describe aspects of paediatric practice that overlap or are subsumed under social paediatrics and defines key social paediatric(More)