Concetta Gardi

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Scavenger Receptor B1 (SR-B1), also known as HDL receptor, is involved in cellular cholesterol uptake. Stratum corneum (SC), the outermost layer of the skin, is composed of more than 25% cholesterol. Several reports support the view that alteration of SC lipid composition may be the cause of impaired barrier function which gives rise to several skin(More)
Several cross-sectional studies have documented neuroanatomical changes in individuals with a long history of meditation, while a few evidences are available about the interaction between neuroanatomical and psychological changes even during brief exposure to meditation. Here we analyzed several morphometric indexes at both cortical and subcortical brain(More)
The phosphodiesterase 4 inhibitor roflumilast prevents bleomycin- (BLM-) induced lung fibrosis in animal models. However, its mechanism of action remains unknown. We investigated whether roflumilast N-oxide (RNO), the active metabolite of roflumilast, can modulate in vitro the oxidative effects of BLM on human lung fibroblasts (HLF). In addition, since BLM(More)
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