Concetta Feo

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Previously institutionalized older patients with schizophrenia show changes in cognitive and functional capacity over time. This study examined changes in real-world functioning in a sample of people with schizophrenia who varied in their history of long-term institutionalization and related changes in real world functioning to changes in cognition and(More)
BACKGROUND A decade of conflict in Chechnya destroyed infrastructure and resulted in widespread exposure to violence. Amidst substantial reconstruction, periodic violence has contributed to an ongoing atmosphere of insecurity. We conducted a qualitative study to understand the mental health and psychosocial problems affecting adult Chechens in this context(More)
Structural resonance and mode of flutter of hummingbird tail feathers. feather sounds are produced by aeroelastic flutter, not vortex-induced vibration. The role of power versus energy in courtship: what is the " energetic cost " of a courtship display? Anim. Behav., 84: 269-277. displays and sonations of a male hybrid Broad-tailed × Black-chinned(More)
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