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INTRODUCTION Host immunity should play a principal role in determining both the outcome and recovery of patients with sepsis that originated from a microbial infection. Quantification of the levels of key elements of the immune response could have a prognostic value in this disease. METHODS In an attempt to evaluate the quantitative changes in the status(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to evaluate the efficacy and safety of a new low-concentration estriol formulation (0.005% estriol vaginal gel), providing an ultra low dose of estriol per application (50 μg), for the local treatment of postmenopausal vaginal atrophy. METHODS Postmenopausal women with symptoms and signs of vaginal atrophy were enrolled(More)
Ten patients (one man and nine women, mean age 48.8 +/- 20.1) presented with a stereotypical and undescribed type of head pain. They complained of strictly unilateral, shooting pain paroxysms starting in a focal area of the posterior parietal or temporal region and rapidly spreading forward to the ipsilateral eye (n = 7) or nose (n = 3) along a lineal or(More)
Nummular headache (NH) is a primary disorder characterized by chronic pain that is exclusively felt in a small area of the head surface. We describe five patients with circumscribed head pain and sensory dysfunction consistent with NH, who in addition developed colocalized trophic changes. All of them had a round or oval patch of skin depression (1-2 cm in(More)
OBJECTIVE Topical estrogen therapy is recommended for the treatment of vaginal atrophy. This study was designed to compare the uterotrophic effects of a new estrogen vaginal formulation (0.005% estriol vaginal gel) and other existing topical treatments (Ovestinon(®) and Colpotrofin(®)). METHODS Each one of the studied formulations was administered(More)
PURPOSE Critical illness results in derangements of all components of the immune response. Nonetheless, most of the efforts evaluating immune status in critically ill patients have been done in the field of sepsis. Here we have evaluated the immunity status at intensive care unit (ICU) admission in a cohort of nonseptic critically ill patients and its(More)
To study the mechanism of action by which droperidol exerts a negative chronotropic effect, 3 series of experiments were performed: a) on isolated right atria of rabbits, b) on the isolated vas deferens of guinea-pigs and c) by injecting the drug directly into the sinus node artery of anesthetized dogs. Isolated tissue results include: lack of cholinergic(More)
OBJECTIVES To describe the use of pulsed radiofrequency (PRF) to treat 2 cases of glossopharyngeal neuralgia, 1 idiopathic and 1 secondary. PATIENTS The first case involved a man diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma involving the tonsils and manifesting as glossopharyngeal neuralgia that was refractory to all treatment approaches tried, including opioids and(More)