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The histiocytic necrotizing lymphadenitis or Kikuchi-Fujimoto disease is a very rare entity in Spain. We present a 34-year-old arabic male admitted to hospital because one-month story of asthenia, anorexia, weight loss, fever and lymphadenopathies in all palpable sites. Analytic studies were all within normal limits except LDH levels and globular(More)
We present the case of a 30-year-old woman who was referred to our institution with an erroneous diagnosis of poorly differentiated carcinoma of the ovary. The patient presented pelvic pain for one year prior to surgery. A second laparotomy revealed a bilateral pure ovarian ependymoma that infiltrated the uterus and presented implants on the omentum.(More)
OBJECTIVE Prostatic tumors are the most frequent malignant neoplasms in men, most of them being constituted by carcinomas; only 0.2% of malignant prostatic neoplasms are of mesenchimal origin. They are not well known, especially those of prostatic stromal phenotype. METHODS AND RESULTS We report the case of a 20 year-old man with a prostatic stromal(More)
OBJECTIVE Metanephric adenoma is an unfrequent renal neoplasm, usually asymptomatic. Differential diagnosis with other renal tumors has to be performed. METHODS/RESULTS We report the case of a 67 years old woman with a metanephric adenoma. CONCLUSIONS Metanephric tumors comprise a pathologic spectrum of lesions. At one end of the pathologic spectrum are(More)
OBJECTIVE Persistence of a patent urachus is a relatively rare occurrence; however; the persistence of urachal remnants is common. The pathologic lesions of the urachus include benign and malignant neoplasms. The majority of malignant urachal neoplasms are adenocarcinomas. METHODS AND RESULTS We report a case of papillary urothelial carcinoma of urachus(More)
INTRODUCTION Centro-nuclear myopathy is a congenital myopathy characterized by the presence of central nuclei on muscle biopsy. Three clinical forms have been distinguished. Classification depends on the type inherited, age of onset and degree of muscle involvement. CLINICAL CASE We describe the case of a female patient in whom the diagnosis of(More)
OBJECTIVE Rhabdomyomas are benign tumors of the skeletal muscle and extracardiac rhabdomyomas are very rare. METHODS/RESULTS We report one case of spermatic cord rhabdomyoma in a 28-year-old male. CONCLUSIONS Genital rhabdomyomas are rare benign tumors. Rhabdomyomas should be considered in the clinicopathological differential diagnosis of tumors of the(More)
OBJECTIVE Lymphangiomas are lesions usually presenting during childhood and are located mainly in the head and neck region; less than 5% are intraabdominal. Lymphangiomatosis is the term used for multifocal or diffuse lymphangiomas. METHODS AND RESULTS We report the case of a mesenteric lymphangiomatosis presenting as an acute abdomen in a 19-year-old(More)