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Five new bulky moiety-modified analogues of the sandalwood odorant Polysantol have been synthesized by aldol condensation of appropriate aldehydes with butanone, deconjugative alpha-methylation of the resulting alpha,beta-unsaturated ketones, and reduction of the corresponding beta,gamma-unsaturated ketones. The final compounds were evaluated(More)
Sugar-oligoamides have been designed and synthesized as structurally simple carbohydrate-based ligands to study carbohydrate-minor groove DNA interactions. Here we report an efficient solution-phase synthetic strategy to obtain two broad families of sugar-oligoamides. The first type, structure vector A (-Py[Me]-γ-Py-Ind), has a methyl group present as a(More)
Selective-frequency saturation-transfer-difference (STD) spectra allow the description of complexes established between minor-groove binders and long tracts of calf thymus DNA (ct-DNA). Two sets of experiments with selective saturation of either the H1' or H4'/H5'/H5'' proton NMR regions of deoxyribose allow the description of the ligand residues close to(More)
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