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The right to practice the Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter (PICC) technique, mainly in neonatal intensive care units, was achieved by nursing and consists of efforts that lead to a new challenge: the improvement of the practice of this procedure. This study determined and evaluated the theoretical and practical knowledge acquired by nurses in(More)
The present study sought to understand the conceptions held by health professionals with regards to violence within the family against children and adolescents. Qualitative case-study methodology and techniques of participant observation, interviewing, and search in documents were used. Participants were staffed in a government-run Family Health Basic Unit(More)
This study aims to analyze the degree of knowledge adolescents have on STD/AIDS prevention, transmission, signs, and symptoms, and to contribute with the elaboration of educational actions in the University Extension Program called Corporality and Health Promotion. The research counted on 1,087 adolescents (40% females, 60% males) and was carried out in(More)
OBJECTIVE To clinically validate the nursing diagnosis, parental role conflict, in mothers of hospitalized newborns. METHOD Fehring's Clinical Validation Model was used, focusing on mothers, using a sample of 83. Major defining characteristics have been defined as the main indicators of the presence of a diagnosis, whereas minor are secondary indicators.(More)
The study aimed to understand Nursing teachers' perception about the theory-practice relation experienced in Nursing education on children and adolescents' health, in an integrated curriculum. A qualitative and descriptive study was developed, grounded on Vázquez, Freire and Bakhtin's theoretical models. Unstructured interviews were used to collect data.(More)
It's a bibliographic study, in which it was made a scientific production survey on nursing referring to clinical teaching in the Catálogo de Dissertações e Teses do Centro de Estudos e Pesquisas em Enfermagem (CEPEn) (Nursing Study and Research Center's Dissertation and Thesis Catalog) from Associação Brasileira de Enfermagem - ABEn (Brazilian Nursing(More)
It is a descriptive, qualitative study aimed at identifying some aspects related to teenagers' sexual behavior. The subjects of the study were 920 adolescents aged 10 to 19, who were attending primary and secondary schools in the region of Santo Eduardo, municipality of Embu, São Paulo, Brazil. The data were collected through a questionnaire with 28(More)
This qualitative study aimed at describing the reasons that motivate an adolescent to get pregnant and her expectations about the future after the child's birth. Symbolic Interactionism was used as theoretical framework and Grounded Theory as the methodological one. Eight adolescent mothers aged between 15 and 19 years who lived the experience of caring for(More)
OBJECTIVE To verify if mothers of newborns hospitalized recognize the defining characteristics of "parental role conflict" as representative of that experience. METHODS A cross-sectional and descriptive study, developed in a neonatal unit of a public teaching hospital in the state of São Paulo. The sample consisted of 100 women who assigned scores of 1 to(More)
OBJECTIVE to construct an instrument for the assessment of graduates of undergraduate nursing courses and to validate this instrument through the consensus of specialists. METHOD methodological study. In order to elaborate the instrument, documental analysis and a literature review were undertaken. Validation took place through use of the Delphi(More)