Conceição Carvalho

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The objective of this study was to exploit the molecular and morphological variability present in Malus domestica to clarify the confused characterization of apple plantations in the Azores. Most Azorean apples are grown in orchards. They are usually given a local name, and sometimes the same name is used for different cultivars and varieties which share(More)
Propolis of Australian stingless bees (Tetragonula carbonaria, Meliponini) originating from Corymbia torelliana (Myrtaceae) fruit resins was tested for its antimicrobial activities as well as its flavonoid contents. This study aimed at the isolation, structural elucidation and antibacterial testing of flavanones of C. torelliana fruit resins that are(More)
The accumulation and distribution of 40K and 137Cs in tropical plant species were studied through measurements of gamma-ray spectra from mango, avocado, guava, pomegranate, chili pepper, papaya and manioc trees. Our goal was to infer their differences in the uptake and translocation of ions to the aboveground plant parts and to establish the suitability of(More)
The elemental composition (K, Ca, Ti, Cr, Mn, Fe, Co, Ni, Cu, Zn, As, Se, Sr, Ba, Nd and Pb) of modern coloured glasses was obtained by energy-dispersive x-ray fluorescence (EDXRF) spectrometry. This nondestructive technique is frequently used in the analysis of historical glass objects. Two reference glasses were also measured to assess the overall(More)
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