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The start-up of an Anammox process was studied in a membrane sequencing batch reactor (MSBR) in which a submerged hollow fibre membrane module was used to retain the biomass. The reactor was seed with Anammox biomass and fed using the Van de Graaf medium. During a first operating stage, salt precipitation was observed and interfered with microbial activity(More)
OBJECTIVES To ascertain the frequency and to describe the clinical and biochemical features of cirrhotic chylothorax. DESIGN A descriptive clinical study. SETTING A community teaching hospital. PATIENTS AND METHODS Since November 1989 to October 1995, 809 patients with pleural effusions were studied by thoracentesis. Pleural effusions with a(More)
INTRODUCTION Hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection is associated with worsening disease progression after renal transplant, and to date there is no available treatment for use at this stage. It has therefore been recommended to treat HCV infection with interferon (IFN) during the dialysis period while the patient is on the waiting list for transplantation. (More)
OBJECTIVES To determine the relative usefulness of different criteria for the separation of pleural transudates from exudates. DESIGN Prospective evaluation of patients referred for thoracentesis. SETTING Community teaching hospital. PATIENTS Three hundred fifty-one consecutive patients with pleural effusions referred for thoracentesis. Fifty-four of(More)
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