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SUMMARY ConoServer is a new database dedicated to conopeptides, a large family of peptides found in the venom of marine snails of the genus Conus. These peptides have an exceptional diversity of sequences and chemical modifications and their ability to block ion channels makes them important as drug leads and tools for physiological studies. ConoServer uses(More)
CyBase was originally developed as a database for backbone-cyclized proteins, providing search and display capabilities for sequence, structure and function data. Cyclic proteins are interesting because, compared to conventional proteins, they have increased stability and enhanced binding affinity and therefore can potentially be developed as protein drugs.(More)
CyBase is a curated database and information source for backbone-cyclized proteins. The database incorporates naturally occurring cyclic proteins as well as synthetic derivatives, grafted analogues and acyclic permutants. The database provides a centralized repository of information on all aspects of cyclic protein biology and addresses issues pertaining to(More)
The constitutively active tyrosine kinase BCR-ABL is the underlying cause of chronic myeloid leukemia (CML). Current CML treatments rely on the long-term use of tyrosine kinase inhibitors (TKIs), which target the ATP binding site of BCR-ABL. Over the course of treatment, 20-30% of CML patients develop TKI resistance, which is commonly attributed to point(More)
Many plants of the Violaceae plant family have been used in traditional remedies, and these plants often contain cyclotides, a particular type of plant cyclopeptide that is distinguished by a cyclic cystine knot motif. In general, bioactive plant cyclopeptides are interesting candidates for drug development. In the current study, a suite of 14 cyclotides,(More)
In this paper, we demonstrate another approach with visualisation. The concepts of a game, combined with the use of colours (or shades of gray), is used to teach dynamic programming algorithms. We focus on sequence alignment algorithms, which are typical dynamic programming algorithms. (This program is written in Java and can be found at Finally, we claim(More)
Self-association is an important biological phenomenon that is associated with many cellular processes. NMR relaxation measurements provide data about protein molecular dynamics at the atomic level and are sensitive to changes induced by self-association. Thus, measurements and analysis of NMR relaxation data can provide structurally resolved information on(More)
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