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We report on the experimental spectra of all the optically accessible long-range attractive molecular states of the Cs2 dimer below the 6s2S1/2 + 6p2P3/2 dissociation limit by molecular photoassociation of cold Cs atoms. The spectra are obtained by the usual trap-loss method as well as by pulsed-laser photoionization of Cs2 molecules into Cs+2 ions. The two(More)
In photoassociation spectroscopy, the line intensities of a given vibrational progression exhibit zero-signal modulation reflecting the node structure of the s-wave ground state wave function of two free colliding atoms. This leads to the determination of the scattering length. We performed photoassociation of cold Cs atoms polarized in the Zeeman sublevel(More)
OBJECTIVE: To compare different methods of individual therapyh efficacy assessment in order to define responding subjects. METHODS: Hypertensive patients were included in three double-blind clinical trials (placebo versus bisoprolol, lisinopril and amlodipine) and ambulatory blood pressure measurements (four per hour) were performed at the end of each(More)
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