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~L/~.~Research in Deductive Question-Answerins. DANIEL H. FISHMAN, University of Maryland -The research is directed towards the incorporation of mechanical theorem-proving techniques in question-answering systems of practical scale. The approach has been to develop an operational prototype questlon-answering system I which will permit a wide range of(More)
The prevention of cholelithiasis by dietary manipulation was investigated in hamsters receiving a fat-free lithogenic (L) diet or this diet in which sucrose was replaced by 12 (group AS12), 36 (group AS36), 48 (group AS48), or 72.5% (group AS72.5) of autoclaved amylomaize starch for seven weeks. All hamsters (6/6) had cholesterol gallstones in groups L and(More)
We consider the equivalence relation A :c B ("A and B have the same time complexity") <+ (foralltimeconstructible f : A e DTIME(f) ë B e DTIME(/)). I" this paper we give a survey of the known relationships between this equivalence relation and degree theoretic and extensional properties of sets. Furthermore we illustrate the proof techniques that have been(More)
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