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In addition to its exotic electronic properties graphene exhibits unusually high intrinsic thermal conductivity. The physics of phonons--the main heat carriers in graphene--has been shown to be substantially different in two-dimensional (2D) crystals, such as graphene, from in three-dimensional (3D) graphite. Here, we report our experimental study of the(More)
Using micro-Raman spectroscopy, the thermal conductivity of a graphene monolayer grown by chemical vapor deposition and suspended over holes with different diameters ranging from 2.9 to 9.7 μm was measured in vacuum, thereby eliminating errors caused by heat loss to the surrounding gas. The obtained thermal conductivity values of the suspended graphene(More)
This paper presents Schottky barrier diode circuits fully integrated in a 0.13- mum SiGe BiCMOS process technology. A subharmonically pumped upconverter and a frequency doubler are demonstrated that operate beyond 100 GHz without the need of external components. The upconverter has a size of 430 times 780 mum<sup>2</sup> including on-chip matching elements(More)
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