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Texting while walking: is it possible with a smartwatch?
Smartwatches are quickly becoming a popular complement to smartphones for notifications and activity tracking, yet most lack an effective method for text input. Expand
Is Touch-Based Text Input Practical for a Smartwatch?
The use of smartwatches is increasing exponentially as is consumer interest. Expand
Text Input on a Smartwatch QWERTY Keyboard: Tap vs. Trace
This study examines text input performance on a smartwatch using tap and trace input methods on a standard QWERTY keyboard (SwypeTM). Expand
Mobile text input on a smartwatch QWERTY keyboard
Poster project completed at Wichita State University, Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering. Expand
Mutual Interferences of Driving and Texting Performance
Despite legislative and social campaigns to reduce texting while driving, drivers continue to text behind the wheel. There is abundant evidence demonstrating that texting while driving impairsExpand
Typing on a Smartwatch While Mobile: A Comparison of Input Methods.
A comparative study of the user experience of typing on a smartwatch with three unique input methods (tap, trace, and handwriting) while standing and while walking. Expand
The Effects of Keyboard Layout and Size on Smartphone Typing Performance
Usability and typing performance on a smartphone with two unique QWERTY keyboard layouts (standard vs. curved) on two phone sizes (4.0-inch vs. 5.5-inch displays) was investigated in this study. TheExpand