Colton Revia

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Reflection, interpretation, and curation play key roles in learning, creativity, and problem solving. <i>Reflection</i> means looking back and forward among building blocks constituting a space of ideas, contextualizing with processes including tasks, activities, and one's internal thinking and meditating, and deriving new understandings, known as(More)
We study multi-robot caravanning, which is loosely defined as the problem of a heterogeneous team of robots visiting specific areas of an environment (waypoints) as a group. After formally defining this problem, we propose a novel solution that requires minimal communication and scales with the number of waypoints and robots. Our approach restricts explicit(More)
In robotics, multiple robots frequently collaborate together in order to accomplish a common goal that might normally be too difficult or time-consuming for individual agents. In this paper, we present a novel framework for modeling group behaviors using a set of abstract components. On the highest level a simulator coordinates the behaviors and the(More)
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