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An outbreak of equine herpesvirus-1 (EHV-1) occurred on a large stud farm with 133 mares, 54 foals and four stallions, and at least 85 mares, 22 foals and three stallions were infected. Clinical disease was observed in 16 mares, two stallions and 13 foals and the predominant clinical signs were scrotal oedema, ataxia and loss of libido in the stallions,(More)
This paper describes the development of an information retrieval (IR) model for the indexing, storage and retrieval of documents created in extensible mark-up language (XML). The application area is the software reuse environment, which involves a broader class of documents than can be processed by conventional IR systems. This includes design and analysis(More)
The Web was first envisaged as an Information Management tool that helped researcher organise and find interesting documents. However with the popularity of the Internet and the its image as a Publication tool for the masses, we now have a Information Mis-Management Tool. Increasingly people are using it for searching using "Web Portals". Web Surfers are(More)
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