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A filtering integration scheme is developed, using a modification of the contour used to invert the Laplace transform (LT). It is shown to eliminate components with frequencies higher than a specified cutoff value. Thus it is valuable for integrations of the equations governing atmospheric flow. The scheme is implemented in a shallow water model with an(More)
In this paper we combine the Laplace transform (LT) scheme with a semi-Lagrangian advection scheme, and implement it in a shallow water model. It is compared to a reference model using the semi-implicit (SI) scheme, with both Eulerian and Lagrangian advection. We show that the LT scheme is accurate and computationally competitive with these reference(More)
In this paper a class of semi-implicit predictor–corrector time integration schemes is proposed. Linear stability analysis is used to identify promising methods and these are applied to the nonlinear system of the shallow water equations on an icosahedral grid. The model used is a testbed for the future development of a more complete atmospheric model.(More)
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