Collin Weingarten

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The mismatch negativity (MMN) event-related potential is a non-task related neurophysiologic index of auditory discrimination. The MMN was elicited in eight cochlear implant recipients by the synthesized speech stimulus pair /da/ and /ta/. The response was remarkably similar to the MMN measured in normal-hearing individuals to the same stimuli. The results(More)
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  • 1997
Dissection using ultrasonic aspiration is characterized by its unique tendency to spare fibrous and vascular structures during removal of parenchymal lesions. This preliminary study was undertaken to evaluate the feasibility and efficiency of tonsillectomy using the ultrasonic aspirator. Tonsillectomy was performed on 23 patients using the ultrasonic(More)
This study was designed to evaluate the acoustic parameters of sleeping oronasal respiration as determined by the SNAP system, to identify those that might aid in identifying appropriate candidates for uvulopalatoplasty (UPP). Eighteen UPP patients who completed preoperative and postoperative SNAP testing and assessment interviews were analyzed. Significant(More)
Der Ruf Österreichs als Forschungsstandort ist unmittelbar an die praktische Umsetzbarkeit wissenschaftlicher Studien am Menschen gebunden. Eine Voraussetzung für deren Durchführung ist die Zustimmung durch die jeweilig zuständige Ethikkommission. Es wird der erforderliche organisatorische Aufwand zur Erlangung der institutionellen ethischen Zustimmung für(More)
Educational Data Mining (EDM) mainly focuses on educational objectives like students' academic performance analysis based on personality and informal learning in formal learning environment. The primary objective is to identify the outcome of informal learning style (library and ICT) in formal learning environment. The secondary objectives are analyzing the(More)
This system was initially installed to perform medical accounts-receivable management and evoked response testing. Soon after installation, programs to perform word processing, data base management, and acoustic reflex display were requested and implemented. Testimony to the success of using a general-purpose microcomputer in this setting is its acceptance(More)