Collin F M Clarke

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Dupuytren's disease of the hands was present in 55 (13.75%) of the 400 elderly ex-servicemen living at the Royal Hospital Chelsea. Five men (9.1%) reported the condition in either a parent or sibling, but none was aware of an affected child. The prevalence of heavy drinking, non-insulin dependent diabetes or manual occupation was statistically the same in(More)
OBJECTIVES To assess patient comprehension of emergency department discharge instructions and to describe other predictors of patient compliance with discharge instructions. METHODS Patients departing from the emergency department of an inner-city teaching hospital were invited to undergo a structured interview and reading test, and to participate in a(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe the socio-demographic characteristics and clinical outcomes of patients who leave the emergency department (ED) without being seen by a physician. METHODS This 3-month prospective study was conducted at a downtown Toronto teaching hospital. Patients who left the ED without being seen (LWBS) were matched with controls based on(More)
Twenty-nine polydrug abusers were randomly assigned to three out-patient treatment groups after inpatient detoxification. The groups were outpatient psychotherapy (1) with urine surveillance, (2) without surveillance, and (3) waiting list control. Tests were administered before and 3 months after outpatient treatment began. All groups made positive changes(More)
Despite being a recognized clinical entity for over 140 years, complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) remains a difficult-to-treat condition. While there have been multiple therapies explored in the treatment of CRPS, NMDA antagonists such as ketamine continue to hold significant interest because of their potential ability to alter the central sensitization(More)
There has been a growing interest in opioid-induced hyperalgesia (OIH), which is an increased sensitivity to pain caused by opioid exposure. Multiple underlying pathways may contribute to the development of OIH, and the mechanism may vary with the duration of opioid exposure, dose, type and route of administration. In addition, the distinction between OIH,(More)
Facet interventions continue to be used in pain management. Computed tomographic (CT) images can be registered into a virtual world that includes images generated by an ultrasound (US) probe tracked in real time, permitting guidance of tracked needles. We acquired CT-generated 3-dimensional (3D) images of 2 models and a cadaver. Three-dimensional(More)
INTRODUCTION The use of occipital nerve stimulators for the treatment of migraines has recently been suggested. However, there have been reports of complications, including lead migration causing local muscle stimulation and spasm with local burning sensation and loss of successful neuromodulation. CASE We report a case of a patient who had successful(More)