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Symptomatic radial nerve compression is relatively uncommon. A relatively high incidence of compressive neuropathy involves other major nerves in the same extremity. Because sensory complaints are minor, radial nerve compression may successfully masquerade as tendonitis or tendon rupture. The most common site of radial nerve compression is in the forearm,(More)
The objective of this study was to determine the effects of repetitive motion on the flexor tendons and synovium in the carpal tunnel. One possible mechanism of tendon damage is fraying of the tendons as they slide past each other in the carpal tunnel. Increases in tendon friction were measured in human cadaver arms. The flexor tendons were loaded using(More)
Toe-to-hand transfer is a well-established reconstructive option for certain congenital hand anomalies. It is the only technique which can add growth potential to the immature skeleton. Toe transfer is best suited for constriction ring amputations, which have relatively normal proximal anatomy. Transfers should be performed early in life to avoid lack of(More)