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Scant published data exist on redesigning pathology practice based on error data. In this first step of an Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality patient safety project, we measured the performance metrics of thyroid gland fine-needle aspiration, performed root cause analysis to determine the causes of error, and proposed error-reduction initiatives to(More)
MEDIC is a dynamic decision making simulation incorporating time constraints, multiple and delayed feedback and repeated decisions. This tool was developed to study cognition and dynamic decision making in medical diagnosis. MEDIC allows one to study several crucial facets of complex medical decision making while also being well controlled for experimental(More)
Amended pathology reports produce rework, confusion, and distrust. To develop a reproducible amendment taxonomy we derived a classification from 141 amended reports, then validated it with 130 new cases before 4 observers independently reviewed 430 cases measuring agreement (k). Next, agreement in classifying 30 other amended reports in 7 institutions was(More)
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