Colleen T Fogarty

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The authors explore sources of resistance to common prenatal and obstetrical interventions among 34 Somali resettled adult women in Rochester, New York. Results of individual interviews and focus groups with these women revealed aversion to or outright fear of cesarean sections because of fear of death and substantial resistance regarding other obstetrical(More)
BACKGROUND Domestic violence is a major personal and public health concern affecting women of all walks of life. Physicians have reported the need for screening instruments to help recognize abuse; several have been validated in English. No screening tools thus far have been validated in other languages. METHODS We translated a previously validated tool,(More)
OBJECTIVES The study's objective was to describe faculty development skills needed for residency redesign in 14 family medicine residencies associated with the Preparing the Personal Physician for Practice (P4) project. METHODS We used self-administered surveys to assess ratings of existing faculty development efforts and resident attitudes about faculty(More)
BACKGROUND Intimate partner violence (IPV) victims frequently seek medical treatment, though rarely for IPV. Recommendations for health care providers (HCPs) include IPV screening, counseling, and safety referral. The objective of this study was to report women's experiences discussing IPV with HCPs. METHODS This study used structured interviews with(More)
PURPOSE To assess the relationship between the presence of a mental health condition and health care utilization among family medicine patients. METHODS We used the Patient Health Questionnaire plus a posttraumatic stress disorder screen to measure 6 common mental health conditions. In a sample of 367 patients recruited from 3 urban family medicine(More)
Intimate partner violence is a major public health concern; it contributes to poor physical and mental health in affected individuals, primarily women. Due to documented poor detection rates of intimate partner violence by physicians, the medical community has focused increasing attention on the successful identification of victims in all medical contexts.(More)
OBJECTIVE Few population-based studies have examined the association of both child abuse (i.e., physical and sexual abuse) and intimate partner violence (IPV) with depressive symptoms in women. This study estimated the odds of depressive symptoms over the prior week among women exposed to child abuse or IPV alone, and both child abuse and IPV. METHOD(More)
BACKGROUND The Institute for Healthcare Improvement (USA) has recommended the 'team huddle' as one communication strategy to improve health care outcomes. CONTEXT Although there is no literature on the extent of the practice within primary care fields, or the outcomes associated with it, anecdotal reports from innovative family medicine practices in the(More)
Fifty-five word stories are brief pieces of creative writing that use elements of poetry, prose, or both to encapsulate key experiences in health care. These stories have appeared in Family Medicine and JAMA and have been used to teach family medicine faculty development fellows. Writers and readers of 55-word stories gain insight into key moments of the(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Violence is a significant public health issue with far-reaching implications for the health of individuals and their communities. Our objective was to describe trends in violence-related training in family medicine residency programs since the last national survey was conducted in 1997. METHODS Surveys were sent to 337 US family(More)