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Nutritional status and lymphocyte transformation were examined in 30 clinically stable men who underwent maintenance hemodialysis for 1 to 141 months. The men displayed decreased relative body weight, triceps and subscapular skinfold thickness, midarm circumference, midarm muscle circumference, serum total protein, albumin, transferrin, IgG, IgA, IgM, and(More)
Primary health care staff are involved increasingly in the provision of dietary advice for health promotion, often without adequate training in nutrition assessment or counselling. At present no brief diet assessment methods are available which have been validated for this purpose in the UK. We report on the accuracy of the Dietary Instrument for Nutrition(More)
We measured urinary and plasma aldosterone in normal subjects, aged 20 to 59 years, during a period of unrestricted sodium intake and after sodium depletion, using furosemide or a 20 meq sodium diet. Before and after sodium depletion, the mean and the upper limit of the range of urinary aldosterone excretion were considerably lower in subjects over 50 years(More)
BACKGROUND The susceptibilities of adult and larval lesser mealworms, Alphitobius diaperinus (Panzer), to two commercially formulated insecticides, cyfluthrin and tetrachlorvinphos, were examined through exposure on treated plywood panels. Lesser mealworms were collected from four caged-layer poultry farms, three in New York and one in Maine. An additional(More)
Malnutrition is common in patients treated with maintenance dialysis and appears to influence mortality in these patients. Thus, assessment of the nutritional status of dialysis patients is important if one is to make appropriate treatment interventions. This article describes the various parameters used in assessing the nutritional status of patients(More)
The aerobic heterotrophic bacterial flora in over 200 individuals from 10 wild populations and 3 laboratory colonies of the schistosome vector snail Biomphalaria glabrata was examined. Internal bacterial densities were inversely proportional to snail size and were higher in stressed and laboratory-reared snails. The numerically predominant bacterial genera(More)
The impact of commercially reared house fly parasitoids released into nine dairy calf coverall facilities were evaluated over 3 yr. Individual and equally mixed ratios of the pteromalid parasitoids Muscidifurax raptor Girault and Saunders and M. raptorellus Kogan and Legner were released at a rate of 500 parasitoids per calf per week for 8 wk. Prerelease,(More)
Chronic renal failure is associated with many abnormalities in plasma amino acids. Since patients with renal failure are frequently deficient in vitamin B-6, this study examined whether vitamin B-6 deficiency may be a cause of any of the abnormal plasma amino acid concentrations observed in chronic renal failure. Sham-operated and chronically azotemic rats(More)
Adjustment to the lifestyle changes imposed by end-stage renal disease is particularly difficult when the onset is abrupt and unheralded. A case of atheroembolism is presented in which living situation, dietary compliance, and family involvement are particularly problematic for the dialysis staff. Discussion by team members focuses on the evolution of a(More)