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A single dose of the orexin-1 (OX1) receptor antagonist 1-(2-methylbenzoxazol-6-yl)-3-[1,5] naphthyridin-4-yl urea hydrochloride (SB-334867-A) reduces orexin-A-induced feeding and natural feeding in Sprague Dawley rats. In this study, the anti-obesity effects of SB-334867-A were determined in genetically obese (ob/ob) mice dosed with SB-334867-A (30 mg/kg,(More)
This pilot study investigated the test-retest reliability of an RT3 accelerometer (RT3) for measuring motion in people with multiple sclerosis (MS). Ten people with MS (mean age 49 yr; Extended Disability Status Scale mean +/- standard deviation = 3.4 +/- 1.3) and ten nondisabled people (mean age 40 yr) wore the RT3 while they performed three discrete(More)
Focal atrial tachycardias arising from the atrial appendages and the aortic sinuses of Valsalva are less frequently encountered in clinical practice. This review article describes the clinical presentation, surface P wave morphology, electrophysiologic characteristics and treatment of these arrhythmias. Catheter ablation of these focal tachycardias has a(More)
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