Colleen M Taylor

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Focal atrial tachycardias arising from the atrial appendages and the aortic sinuses of Valsalva are less frequently encountered in clinical practice. This review article describes the clinical presentation, surface P wave morphology, electrophysiologic characteristics and treatment of these arrhythmias. Catheter ablation of these focal tachycardias has a(More)
PURPOSE: To assess the effect of change in pupU dianww induced by Tropicamide 0.5% on Snellen acuity and lclrcr cotmast senskivhy tn humans. METHODS: 20 eyes were ~sscssed wth the l'clli-Robson CS char1 and Sncllen chart pn-and posr-dilataGon (Tropicamide O.S%), with luminance kept at between ICUI and 1100 111x. RESULTS: Pupil dilatsdon was found to have(More)
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