Colleen Leslie

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The cholinergic agonist carbachol induced the release of arachidonic acid in the 1321N1 astrocytoma cell line, and this was blocked by atropine, suggesting the involvement of muscarinic receptors. To assess the mechanisms of signalling involved in the response to carbachol, a set of compounds characterized by eliciting responses through different mechanisms(More)
RATIONALE Automatic scoring of polysomnography records offers many advantages, but excessive editing time seriously limits its use. OBJECTIVES To identify reasons for excessive editing time, and the clinical utility of such editing, and to develop an approach to optimize the editing process. METHODS Forty-two polysomnograms scored manually were scored(More)
alpha 2-Adrenoceptors on blood platelets have been widely used as a model for alpha-adrenoceptors in less accessible tissues. The effect of oestrogen (200 micrograms/day intramuscularly) on alpha 2-adrenoceptor number and function was studied in immature female rabbits. alpha 2-adrenoceptor number was measured in whole platelets, and membrane preparations(More)
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