Colleen Leslie

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The role of chemical control instability in the pathogenesis of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is not clear. We studied 32 patients with OSA during sleep while their upper airway was stabilized with continuous positive airway pressure. Twelve patients had repetitive OSA whenever they were asleep, regardless of body position or sleep stage, and were(More)
Selective NPY-Y5 antagonists are known to reduce NPY-evoked increase of food intake under free feeding conditions and drug-reinforced operant responding in rodents suggesting that NPY-Y5 receptors can regulate reinforcers, potentially by modulating the hypothalamic-limbic reward system. However, evidence published to date has revealed a limited expression(More)
RATIONALE Automatic scoring of polysomnography records offers many advantages, but excessive editing time seriously limits its use. OBJECTIVES To identify reasons for excessive editing time, and the clinical utility of such editing, and to develop an approach to optimize the editing process. METHODS Forty-two polysomnograms scored manually were scored(More)
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