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Reduced reproduction extends lifespan in many experimental animals, but the mechanism by which this occurs is unclear. The disposable soma hypothesis suggests that when reproduction is reduced, more nutrients are allocated to the soma and lifespan is extended. Alternatively, the reproductive tissues or the process of reproduction may have a direct (i.e.,(More)
Portion-size beef cuts packaged in oxygen impermeable plastic bags were used to study the effects of rates of freezing and thawing, and storage time and temperature on drip and cooking losses, shear force, destruction of glutathione and accumulation of protein-breakdown products in meat. Portions weighing 150 g or over and frozen in an air-blast at -30°C(More)
A stable enrichment culture converting acetic acid to methane was successfully obtained from a pear waste digester, using a synthetic substrate solution with acetic acid as the main carbon source. This enrichment culture converted up to 10 mmol of acetic acid per litre per day at 35 degrees C and did not use hydrogen or formic acid in appreciable amounts as(More)
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