Colleen J. Doherty

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Solanum commersonii and Solanum tuberosum are closely related plant species that differ in their abilities to cold acclimate; whereas S. commersonii increases in freezing tolerance in response to low temperature, S. tuberosum does not. In Arabidopsis thaliana, cold-regulated genes have been shown to contribute to freezing tolerance, including those that(More)
An accurate prediction of how extrinsic stimuli influence changes in gene expression has been challenging. In this issue, Nagano and colleagues successfully model genome-wide mRNA expression changes under variable environmental conditions in rice, raising hopes that scientists will soon be able to predict genome-wide transcriptional responses in a variety(More)
The Aux/IAA proteins are auxin-sensitive repressors that mediate diverse physiological and developmental processes in plants [1, 2]. There are 29 Aux/IAA genes in Arabidopsis that exhibit unique but partially overlapping patterns of expression [3]. Although some studies have suggested that individual Aux/IAA genes have specialized function, genetic analyses(More)
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