Colleen Eckhardt

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Microarrays have been used extensively to identify differential gene expression at the level of transcriptional control in oncogenesis. However, increasing evidence indicates that changes in translational control are critical to oncogenic transformation. This study identifies mRNA transcripts that are differentially regulated, primarily at the level of(More)
Alloantibody formation against HPA-1a (Zwa/PIA1) has, to date, only been found in HLA-DRw52(a+) (Dw24) individuals. Alloimmunization against the product of the other HPA-1 allele, HPA-1b, is rare. We have been able to evaluate ten cases of HPA-1b alloimmunization in Europe in order to study whether there is an association between HLA phenotype and(More)
In adult cystic fibrosis patient populations, gram-negative bacteria, particularly Pseudomonas aeruginosa, frequently require aggressive therapy including systemic antibiotics, bronchodilators and airway clearance techniques. Aminoglycosides including tobramycin are used frequently to control these chronic airway infections. They, however, cause important(More)
Successful microarray experimentation requires a complex interplay between the slide chemistry, the printing pins, the nucleic acid probes and targets, and the hybridization milieu. Optimization of these parameters and a careful evaluation of emerging slide chemistries are a prerequisite to any large scale array fabrication effort. We have developed a(More)
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