Colleen Decker

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Structural health monitoring has been used successfully to identify defects in civil infrastructure and aerospace applications. Given that the majority of low back pain is thought to be mechanical in nature, our objective was to determine if structural health monitoring techniques could be employed successfully to identify the presence, location and(More)
Signals from skin-mounted accelerometers may contain measurement error when compared to those obtained from bone-mounted sensors. While this error may be minimized through various techniques, additional error may arise as a result of accelerometer removal from the skin and subsequent replacement. The purpose of this experiment was to determine if(More)
As the majority of back pain is thought to be mechanical in origin, quantitative tests designed to assess spinal mechanics may provide information about its etiology and treatment. This paper describes the application of structural vibration testing in the spine, its reliability and ability to discriminate between different structural states. In each of(More)
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