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OBJECTIVES We aimed to systematically review and assess published estimates of the cost of developing new drugs. METHODS We sought English language research articles containing original estimates of the cost of drug development that were published from 1980 to 2009, inclusive. We searched seven databases and used citation tracing and expert referral to(More)
The following item is made available as a courtesy to scholars by the author(s) and Drexel University Library and may contain materials and content, including computer code and tags, artwork, text, graphics, images, and illustrations (Material) which may be protected by copyright law. Unless otherwise noted, the Material is made available for non profit and(More)
CRM is a strategy that integrates the concepts of Knowledge Management, Data Mining, and Data Warehousing in order to support the organization's decision-making process to retain long-term and profitable relationships with its customers. In this paper, we first present the design implications that CRM poses to data warehousing, and then propose a robust(More)
AbstrAct CRM is a strategy that integrates concepts of knowledge management, data mining, and data warehousing in order to support an organization's decision-making process to retain long-term and profitable BLOCKINrelationships BLOCKINwith BLOCKINits BLOCKINcustomers. BLOCKINThis research is part of a long-term study to examine systematically CRM factors(More)
BACKGROUND Evidence from the United States and Europe suggests that the use of prescription drugs may vary by ethnicity. In Canada, ethnic disparities in prescription drug use have not been as well documented as disparities in the use of medical and hospital care. We conducted a cross-sectional analysis of survey and administrative data to examine(More)
OBJECTIVE This study examined ethnic disparities in antipsychotic therapy in a population with significant Asian representation. METHODS Using a cross-sectional retrospective study design, self-reported ethnicity data pooled from three cycles of the Canadian Community Health Survey were linked to 2005 administrative data on physician, hospital, and(More)
BACKGROUND This study aimed to measure the income-related inequalities and inequities - the inequalities that remain after accounting for differences in health need - in expenditure on fully publicly covered (hospital and ambulatory) and partially publicly covered (prescription drugs) services for those in their last year of life in the province of British(More)
OBJECTIVE To conduct a systematic review and meta-analysis of published evidence on ethnic or racial disparities in the outpatient use versus non-use of antipsychotics and in the outpatient use of newer versus older antipsychotics. METHOD Electronic databases were searched for potentially relevant studies. Two independent reviewers conducted the review in(More)
BACKGROUND Increasing attention is being paid to variations in the use of prescription drugs because their role in health care has grown to the point where their use can be considered a proxy for health system performance. Studies have shown that prescription drug use varies across regions in the US, UK, and Canada by more than would be predicted based on(More)