Colleen Bushell

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This paper is about syntactic processing in aphasia. Specifically, we present data concerning the ability of Broca's and Wernicke's aphasic patients to link moved constituents and empty elements in real time. We show that Wernicke's aphasic patients carry out this syntactic analysis in a normal fashion, but that Broca's aphasic patients do not. We discuss(More)
Broca's aphasics performed a lexical decision task in a semantic priming experiment in which the proportion of related words was manipulated with a sufficiently long stimulus onset asynchrony for expectancy-based, strategic processing to operate. The control subjects showed the typical increase in semantic facilitation as relatedness proportion increased.(More)
The status of semantic representations of nouns (concrete and abstract) and verbs (motion and non-motion) was investigated in patients with Alzheimer's disease (AD). Nouns and verbs have been argued to activate different neural substrates, given the selective difficulties reported for one or the other grammatical class in patients with focal lesions.(More)
Scientific visualization strives to present complex concepts and data in graphic forms that maximize information gain for the viewer. In this study, we examine a well-known and highly regarded example of scientific visualization, identifying scenes where principles of graphic design, perception, and cognition suggest improvements. We focus on the(More)
knowledge of data visualization methods, software, and hardware in presenting the rather abstract information contained in data bases, digital libraries, and other massive collections of data and information. The panelists and audience will examine and debate how to create effective information visualizations and how to use them effectively in information(More)
This poster illustrates examples from a work in progress and is presented with the intention of receiving feedback from conference attendees. The work is a collaborative effort in which we are investigating various visual design techniques for scientific visualization that we believe will maximize the flow of information from the video or computer monitor(More)
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